A Fowl Fetish (Cretin)

I'm a rapist of poultry Plucked, stuffed, and cooked My recipe for love Comes from a cookbook You might call it sick But you'd be mistaken I'm fowly in love Nude beneath my apron Lovingly prepping My prizewinning game hen Tongue-kiss the neck hole Fingering her rear end Massaging in spices Culinary foreplay My bumpy-fleshed lover A finger lickin' good lay The turkey gobbles The rooster crows My glistening meat baster Swells and grows Dressing for sex with a twist Spread her thighs, I grease my fist I work the stuffing in her hole Knees buckle when I lose control I set the oven to cook real quick And push the button with my dick Lighting candles sets the mood As I prepare to fuck my food A breast or thigh Neck or wing My original or crispy Sex cuisine The scent of my lover Hangs thick in the air Through the oven window I masturbate and stare My lust overwhelms me Throw open the door Scalding my hands I mount her on the floor I plunge my cock into her meat The steaming juices feel so sweet Our fevered thrusting shakes the walls Homemade stuffing burns my balls She falls apart and cannot last I shove a drumstick up my ass Clawing at her tender breasts I cum and then I eat the rest