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Cockfight (Cretin)

Cockfight Cockfight Filthy bums and lunatics Surprising people with their dicks Cockfight Cockfight Pouncing with their genitals Slapping with their testicles In the city depths Behind alley streets Lives a grotesque club Of homeless cretin freaks Stalking in the dark Without any pants Crawling through the trash They wait for those who pass Here comes someone walking by Unsuspecting normal guy Cockfighters assault the loner Ambush with their dirty boners Some scream while they hump Bruising inner thighs Some just masturbate Others hug and cry Too afraid to move Victims shut their eyes Listen to the madmen Titter, moan, and sigh Outcasts driven to seek pleasure Cockfighters are kind of clever Mixing sex with violence Cretins make perverted sense