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Creepy Crawlies (Cretin)

Smearing honey on his body, waiting for the bugs He knows his habit's gotten bad, but it's too damn fun Nothing could prepare him for the way they make him feel Insects tickle, make him giggle, lapping up their meal Gets his jollies, creepy-crawlies dancing on his skin One gets food and one gets off, both are bound to win A probing fly climbs up his pee hole, then it lays some eggs Cretin shakes the critters off and shoos them all away Starts to hurt Maggots squirm Infected dick Makes him sick Creepy crawlies Cretin follies Dangerous jollies Creepy crawlies Pelvic pains and tender balls keep him up at night His swelling groin lets him know that something isn't right Clutching at his belly, too sick to want to play Reluctantly he has to send his insect friends away Baby flies burst from boils, buzzing through the air The swarming vulgar mass of bugs gives him quite a scare He throws himself into a pool of water frantically Never having learned to swim, poor bastard quickly sinks Going down Man and bug drown Holding breath Wait for death Creepy crawlies Cretin follies Dangerous jollies Creepy crawlies