The Yawning God (Cretin)

Dullard skipping down the street Whistling to a tuneless beat Tripping over his own feet He falls into a hole A stinking sewage hole To his mind, his simple mind His god lives here, lives right inside He smells the piss, the sulfur pit His yawning god is breathing shit Just a mundane sewage tank Cracked open and very rank Cretin thinks his god's awake Thinks he's found his home His very smelly home Make us laugh, you silly man As you worship this wretched land And shave your head like monks of old Then sacrifice things to your hole Brings it little animals Until the pit is almost full Feels the gassy brimstone pull Then he crawls inside So horrible inside Then repairmen come to fix They fill it with shovels and picks And just as cretin sees his god Heaven goes mysteriously dark