Tooth And Claw (Cretin)

There was a bitter woman with a farm near the woods She kidnapped babies—raised them crazy—robbed their childhood Penned in chicken coups like filthy animals The woman kept her feral kids in a human kennel Children running around Chasing birds like geeks Growling, howling, carrying on They never learned to speak The children's' brains were wrong but still they had to try Escape had always stumped them—the fence was very high A monkey-boy who liked to climb scaled it just in time The feral kids were punished for his daring crime Naked in the woods Monkey-boy was scared The feral kids cheered him on He wished that he was there Mom lit firecrackers, frightening them to tears Accidentally dropped the lighter—angry pack drew near Biting her near death, they breathed their first free breath Then fled into the wild, no longer human pets