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Through The Vale (Ashen Mortality)

Only you precious one stayed when all else was gone To be with me again and again Sheltered from this chilling rain draw near me now I share your pain come away run with me Eternity stretches before us as we make our way Resting for a while in each others arms Lifting you up I will carry you until you wake When morning breaks take my hand walk with me Be with me forever never turn away Be with me for evermore Never turn turn away now we've come this far And it's all worth living for You were all I had in my world torn apart You are all I'll ever need You gave hope to me when my hope was gone Now we run together through the darkest night The morning star that lights the way beckons us through weary days Through the vale of the bleakest winter A million miles we've travelled with a million more ahead Every path you tread I will never leave your side When you see the journey's end and feel the strength to run again All the pain is just a memory Look and see how far we've come Draw near to me The battles won Finally we can be free