Rabbit Hole (Living Legends)

[PSC] Now if it's cool in moderation I found a way to pace it I made it more acceptable my life and I ace it I'm faded on occasion an abrasion to the clean cut Blend it with my normal way of life and now I seem stuck Even when I'm not blue I'm focused and I thank you For opening that part of my brain I couldn't break through Even though it's illegal while consuming I participate in dangerous activities I'm dooming My future longevity heavenly prospect I think I have a good heart, I'd say I had a late start People in my family have fallen to addiction It's a mission uncontrollable you can't take the friction [Eligh] It fits together like bricks stacked in an orderly fashion When I'm building up my confidence Surrounding my controlled habitat Split in two Which rabbits the lie Which holds the key to free My destiny survive Survival of the fittest it's the medicine The key to free the mind Subliminal intricate tricks put upon my being Since the birth of a sorcerer came under the Pisces sign Alcoholic rushing, gushing like rivers of gold Holding my breath with the fish, early death is not a wish I'm not Bronson but it haunts my conscience on the constant Soaking up my compliments, one hand in the wonderland One hand in the contraband Underwater chase the rabbit to its destination One hand on the pipe, one for the blunt One for the medicine, one hand on the bottle One for the door so they can let us in One hand for the glass, one hand for the ass One for the pad and pen One for the mic control See the rabbit gentlemen [Bicasso] They set it up for us Put me on a planet of people, use these plants of love Put 'em in they mouths and stuff Tried it once to call a bluff and see the repercussions 'cause the world is a petri dish, experimental hit and miss And I'm a goldfish, underwater Shake me some crystals that might change the color Now look through my lens, do you see how things are circular? Pixilated pressure points directly when you hit the joint Added it to what you had it stashed up in your liquor cabinet Drank to wash down that sticky tablet Stuck inside, you had to have it Now go and get, 'cause here it comes lifted Euphoric brain liquid melt shifted felt good Either you shouldn't or you should but you did Either you shouldn't or you should so you did This is a message for grown folks and kids Who choose to chase the rabbit down these lives that we live [Scarub] The old lady gets upset when I touch the bottle I promised I wouldn't touch the bottle minus special occasions Yesterday she could tell I had a hang over When asked what was the occasion I said because I could afford it I was a shame how short the time was since my previous buzz Didn't want to think about it, tried to swallow it all, But that would only leave things unsettled causing nerves to shake Like upset stomachs, avalanches and earthquakes Not an uncommon occurrence but still hard to digest The older I get the harder it is to fight These addictive aggressive gravities weighing me down Squinting my eyes, gritting my teeth in disbelief Or becoming what I always learned to hate And some of us won't stop until we see with our own eyes The self destruction, the coughing up of blood caught in the throat, Infectious phlegm I'm trying to tell y'all I know shit like this will be our down fall If not the actual sickness then the mind state that we're in Seeing is believing But at time, what is seen is a sign of it being too late A sign of it being too late [The Grouch] Now I've been to the depths of the steps of that other place Turned back and learned that here is where I love to race When in the face of reality I kiss it If I fuck off relations, know that I'm gonna miss it Visit with it, live it, give it all of Grouch, Unzip it like a pouch and let it all hang out As if no one was watching, I ain't botching up the job God, never that, help me with a better act Knack embedded, I manipulate in any state Weather sober or faded to where I can't see straight I motivate, elevate, activate, tell it great, take it farther Growin' larger on the daily off a chill pill Although the thrill will call Face it, life in this matrix is raw Pace it, pace it y'all