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Innervisionz (Que)

[Intro:] The world without a father Is a world of war, sorrow, and hurt I wish I had one wish that could bring you back Cause there are times like this Where I wanna cry And ask why Did you have to go And leave me But then I thought you're better off where you are In Heaven I love you Daddy [Verse 1:] Sometimes I reminisce protecting my life and how different it would be if I had you right with me Oh I wish you were here with me I just want you to know no one can take your place and I know you're in heaven smiling down on me and you're so proud of me (I wish) [Chorus:] I wish that I can turn back the hands of time I long for the day that you'll be by my side These are my innervisionz I dream of a place with all peace and no war (no poverty) And you hurt no more These are my innervisionz (my innervisionz) [Verse 2:] I turn on the news The news I think of you dad For living with so many issues, yea I miss you daddy but you're better off where you are And I'll always be thinking of you Yes I will always love you [Chorus] [Bridge:] I long for the day (long for the day) When I'll see your face (I see your face) I can't wait to see you daddy [Chorus] It's alright, it's alright (2x) You don't have to cry no more No more crying (2x) My innervisionz