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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Moonshot (Ghost of the Robot)

Down, I'm falling down Want you to catch me But you're not here around If you'd come around I know you could save me With the touch of your soft hand You, it's always been you Even before I met you I was in love with you And I, I can't see why I couldn't spend all of my time By your side I, I know I hurt you Even desert you I'm awful But I, I heard you crying Feeling like dying You deserve better than me In, I let you in But now I'm so scared I wanna run away And too, what do we do I'm old twice your age But I'm in love with you When we are together I'm light as a feather It's so good But you, you are in school again Breaking the rules again And me, I'm on... I'm on the moon I'm on the moon, yeah yeah I'm on the moon I'm on the moon, yeah yeah