Apart (Ikuinen Kaamos)

Repentance knocks At the door He smiles with his Rotten black smile “Hurry up, no time to waste” “All that you miss is there” Finally we arrive In the mansion of guilt “You are already late” He says with a grin Guide me To the field of solitude “They are all alone” When I walk behind the rows They are watching I hide I didn’t want this The insanity, the burden My shoulders weren’t strong enough Oh God, Don’t lay this upon me They are all alone I stand behind the rows Then I wake up To the sound of.. A distant echo Ringing in my ear The dream that went stale Tear through the canvas of all these years Through the painting of my mourning Suddenly The aisles are getting narrower Crushing me Pushing me away Towards the altar of sleep Towards the despair I rise, I walk Step by step Closer to the mirror of anguish Too scared to look Too guilty to turn away I stare the tree Beside me Lay down the words That were meant to be Prepare myself I slip away This is the final song as a reminder Of a distinguished light The final hymn for a house That was burned down all too soon Goodbye