Indoctrination Of The Lost (Ikuinen Kaamos)

It comes in tidal waves Soothing and cold Hypothermia of the minds Sets me free releases me Vows of grandeur Sincerely spoken Naively believed This is what i sell Promise of ecstasy Swallowed by the masses Cherished by we all Devastating birth pains of bliss Will bring you down to your knees Necessary purification Before paradise Vows of supremacy Indoctrination Of the lost I will buy your life Pay my debts with strife This is for Your own good Fear of tomorrow Through the yesterday Praying for the absolution Before the judging eyes The fear of ourselves What have i become No hope for the absolution Behold the judgment is here Today Icon of pure deception My words are of acid Now the boiling blisters Cover you all over Benevolence is gone Compulsions left Dead end existence That i forced you to And this i swear I will lay your World to waste The realm in my shade Oblivion is nigh So very nigh