Statues (Ikuinen Kaamos)

Welcome to the Devolution of man Regression to a primate Descent to the turmoil of cruelty Eruption of pure cold hate Sweeps trough our heads Like a blastwave Common sense all wiped out Fighting for the ignorance Desperate to be blind So reluctant to see So eager to make a fist The sound of enragement Too intoxicating to forget No shame, no regrets Smoke filled lungs Mist filled minds Lives build on false ideals Lead by dead morals Fragile bones Fragile souls All that we ever wanted Scapegoats to the slaughter It will all go down in flames Pour the gasoline Set the world ablaze With your righteousness The memorial for compassion Again the words are futile Not a thing will be changed Paralyzed into a sculpture Statues of blackened wrath Loathing of life Doctrines of death So cold, so right The new breed of fools Vicious circle Of rightful vendetta Never changing statues Time to fall from grace Time to bring the end Time to descent Time to pray for the end By the end we had accomplished nothing