The Absence (Ikuinen Kaamos)

Again, the city has fallen asleep Left it's children out in the open The shadows approach, closing in on him They want him back The Haven is gone away for good All sanctuaries are lost forever In a vast, gaping hope of all things past Past and broken The unbearable longing Carved his insides hollow Irreplaceable shelter That once was home for all hallow It seems that there's no path That would lead out of this draft Without the guiding light Every way is an astray The bridge is burning with him standing on it He falls down weeping to the flames he set The fire doesn't cleanse, it leaves him stained There's no one rising from the ashes Now it all has been scorched away Nothing left but ashes, nothing but dust How to lead a life with nothing Nothing but dust The poison numbs the pain The guilt that crawls in the veins Try to hide away Keep the loss concealed