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Decisions, Decisions (DJ Muggs)

It's a stray man, living in these veins man Suckin on a piece of sugar pain, chucking chains Take the wind out thru We never wash away the pain, so let the stain soak Who's in the wave? I dids fingertips Carry language computer, ray had dad removed Swimsuits with green bags I'm on the corner with my butt up, sellin you product Women puttin theyself in positions to get cut up Up out'cha guts, fear, up for what? Nothin but them goodie Osmosis, with that thang up under the pillow crush Caught in the crossfire between yankees and 49ers Rivals, but the south remain calm Neutral but we see blood that make homeboys hate at each other's lives Over colours and thangs, that they can bring To the next plain, but the toots in blue, badges Who are the biggest gangs? In babylon, dyin slowly but surely Malicious drivers with hairpin triggers On the loose like juice And white america couldn't stand it Lapd plannin incriminatin evidence Jurors under jag order But we talkin outside the courtrooms Shootin birds at the judges Fuck teks and go and plug us out on racial slurs Destroyin documents or complaints from black workers The battles no longer physical, it's from within You live to die and you die to live again But you can't win for losing, what sides are you choosin? Decisions, decisions to make Decisions, decisions to make Legalise the dope and make paper Think it's time to pull another caper Outta my bag of tricks These niggas ain't recognisin how they usin us to get rich Niggas dyin and shit I putta, broke my back for the *? scress? * That's what I did when I was a kid Always had the thought of doin a bid In the back of my mind, a life of crime Was the last resort, I knew that goin to court drama wasn't likely I nicked scrimis like a chemist Cookin up a pan like the witch doctor Stroll beside cha like a thousand volts Over the edge pf the hope with the cia sellin coke To make them bloat, float up the river key louie Liquor sipper as I strategise a plan to infiltrate the crooked New, what? , ways to live a life Who we got to fight? Kid, it bite, are you dyin tonight? Relentless realism regardless represents South west goes out, possess the manifest that's heaven sent What's said is meant to the fullest extent No nonsense because my conscience wouldn't be content But just a little wealth, a little fame But your mind-frame will keep you living the same And it's a shame that niggas would settle with the ghetto Huh, hoes have some clothes that ain't makin what you suppose Let your eyes close to what your contract shows And fine print, they gotta get back every cent you spent You content 'cause, you do what everybody does The industry that change you from the person you was Knee-deep in the struggle Two part-time jobs to juggle Gotta lady and a c that you can't hardly feed Any day your life could end so you depend On the reciting and the writing when you got the spare time to spend To keep you stable, hopin one day you'll be able To be a commodity on somebody's record label Got your chance, twenty thousand dollar advance And a car and all of a sudden you a star at the bar Ballin, callin the waiter to bring one of they finest wines Then you started snortin lines, your life defines The misconception of stayin down You can't be influenced by everybody you hang round You shoulda been more appreciative Of the life that you were blessed to live A hundred percent is what you got to give Cos ain't no tellin, yo' bullshit start smellin And you wonder why your record ain't sellin No more, endin up with no dough And no respect back in the projects And building 23, right next door to me, heheheh