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Razor To Your Throat (DJ Muggs)

Yeah yeah Soul assassins 2g's And you can swing on these One time Go somethin like this (break it up, break it up) Yo, it's the anti-thug with the anti-dote Soul assassinator with the razor to your throat Crowd motivator with the upgrader data Put your drugs in the air, dj muggs is on the fader 'coolin in cali', I'm hollywood-swingin Push a burgundy 7 with the wheels bling-blingin Stereo pumpin, keep your bell ringin Step up and say somethin, leave you swelled up and stingin Like a fat bitch with a sun burn When you gon' learn? yo, I go back like chick hearns I'm shot-callin, I'm play-makin Tell me who's ballin, I tell you who's fakin Yeah yeah (yo, break it up, break it up) I say stop - hey - wait, hold on I'll do you like bdp did pm dawn I crept on you, slept on you, style that I hustle If you wanna flex, punk, make a muscle Def jams like russell once he left rick rubin Linked up like a cuban, where the fuck you been? Here's a little story that must be told 'bout a crew that'll fuck around and kill your soul When we roll up in the cut they put the party on hold Cause we got millions sold and the money we fold It's outlandish, yo, it's disgustin Suckers duckin from the shots we bustin It's like that (yo, break it up, break it up)