When The Fat Lady Sings (DJ Muggs)

Whether describin facts or interrupted by quotes Cease the bullshit, rely on volts Just like watts push the juice through amps Rap generals runnin troops in camps Armed with heavy slugs, under rugs, thoughts bugged No holds barred, live and unplugged Trapped on the other side, of electrified, steel doors Once in, greeted with thunderstorm applause The message breaks the concrete barrier Launch the vessel, known as the a-1 carrier Sound goin through a cable, who the fuck able Mix this shit, but your turntable unstable So if the beat smash your eardrum, you heard well Then the two tech' equalize occurs well Beats straight off the box, rhyme unorthodox From the isle', where the drinks splash straight off the rocks The witty unpredictable, outcome critical Nigga quick to forfeit, portrait visual Analyze the picture, memorize the scripture Seperate the cut from uncut with the sifter Rap wall designed from the best, bricklayers Names tagged in prints from the best paint sprayers Unheard of, two-thousand feet deep in the planet Surrounded by the most thick massive walls of granite Certified a-side wu-banga strangler Control slide time in the multi-disc changer +liquid swords+ and razor sharp shanks leave the tank On the seas file in eighth rank, ship sank