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Drift (Neve)

Silver spirals around the sun Constellations spinning And dissolving one by one The frequencies are out of reach The phosphorescent halo Of the Universe at peace I know that time will pass us by A twisted rearrangement That makes us wonder why And the two of us will become one Until it's over And the moon becomes the sun It moves the earth I feel its worth The ground will start to shake It's what happens everytime The two exist This continental drift So take my hand and drift away This atmosphere's not perfect But it is what we create An endless dance of stars so bright A supernova Radioactive liquid light And as we float through space Not knowing what's ahead Or what will fall into place I dream of the black hole That pulls us in The argument of life That I can't win This continental drift Don't you want me here? I'm filling in the space That keeps us from near It's what sets us all apart The artist from the art And right back at the start It's the mind against the heart This continental drift Continental drift