Feel It (Full Scale)

Energy, apathy, becoming one thing controlling and numbing the minds of the poor things. The struggle becoming a battle you've already lost to discover yourself, as a pillar a stucture, but what have you got? To defend to repel to begin the resistence that never has ended. We live in a world in a nation that can't even fly it's own flag. We hang on to the past, with its brutality and division. Why cant you just make a decision? The future is yours. It's not theirs. It's not gods. It's not anyone's who presumes to own you or the thoughts that make an original, shift all the subliminal brain massage from the rich man's poet whos bright lights will lure your weakness. Just keep the guns locked out of reach of the Children. Keep the guns locked out of reach! Can't you see you're breaking me Can't you see you're faking me Feel It Can't You Feel It Can't You Feel It Can't You Feel That They've Failed You? You're slowing the drugs in your veins are numbing every pain, every twinge, every singe from the fire of globalisation, you're warming your hands on the bodies of children that learn so that MacDonalds can jack their yearly gross earnings if it wasn't real it would seem to absurd. The fear grows, the fuse blows on just one more bomb set by extremists that could have been me or been you. A push or a shove when a smile or some love would have helped out that kid off his face on his dexies, his parents shove down his throat so they don't have to divert their attention from making their quota or buying that sofa that's just oh so comfy. As all the porn pours in vein the Nike channel, just keep your guns locked so very far out of reach! They've Failed You Breaking Me Down With Their Holy Water Fight back!