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Party Political (Full Scale)

This party is political activity Back off when you're showing negativity Look to all your friends for some clarity 'Cause this party is political activity The democratic public got a war they didn't want yeah, a dollar a litre makes you shit-scared at the pump where's the P.M's obligation to make decision's not for some but for all of us come with us What they say What they do Must be an election, boo! Yeah the fear is an infection So rise above, here comes the flood Use your voice to show your feelings It's the liars who'll be kneeling ('cause) These are simple changes we're asking Just kick out all the liars and then re-open the parliament I can't help but think, drink, smell the stink hopefully some pen and ink will bring us all back from the brink Are you scared yet? Will you take this? No! Starting now we swing for justice, You all party in a state of fear. Starting now we all swing for justice. While they all party in a state of fear. You party. This party is political activity