Sickness (Full Scale)

It's coming down the mainline Coming on like prime time It blinks at you like a neon sign But the shit and the mud and the dirt It sticks I've got a call on the other line It's just the boss telling me I'm fine Am I a law breaker Soul shaker Or a pussy little singer With nothing to hide Here comes the sickness It's calling you home Here comes the sickness Wrap your arms around me And I'll take you all the way now Cause this is sickness You're my (next) mistress Don't wanna miss this Cause this is sickness I've got a cellar of fine wine Just pop one more And you'll feel sublime Am I a lawbreaker Soulshaker Heart breaker No I'm the sickness You wanna run You run as fast as you can I'm calling I'm like an open sore With a rotten core They've got me photocopied Faxed, filed and e-mailed So don't stop digging now You're only half way out This hole gets bigger by the day Don't put your shovel down So raise your voice up high And scream a war cry Say "I'm too young to die for this rich mans lie" Raise your voice up high And scream a war cry Live within the moment Get back on the downtime You want it all but it takes some time Regime change is a state of mind But who needs "freedom" When you've got no arms or legs? This is sickness