The Heimlich Manoeuvre (Full Scale)

Bless me Fill me up with tubes Pass it off as news Shut up and listen Blame me The workers make it all Catch you when you fall Not on your life son Stonewall Clutch your photo tight Hide your tears at night Lunch break's over Fear me Stumble through the haze Fill an early grave Chewed and spat out You can't beat me See this My defiant sneer Whisper in my ear Your time is over A death kiss Putting down the tools Terrorizing fools Yeah the criminals organize So fear me Cause I can start a ball Rolling down the hall To trip you over You cant beat me I'm hoping To come to terms with with why I'm choking To feel the squeeze As the bone Flies through the air this isn't over Someone's going to die We'll see Whether lies can win Don't believe the spin It stinks of double talk Watch me I'm energizing minds Leaving truth behind Phones have cancer Judge me Not by what I think Not by what I feel But by actions I play And you can't beat me Although desexed I can fuck you With a strap-on Although desexed I can get that filthy groove on So bring your chains And baseball bats Choked with rage So I'll attack Meet me there You pick the time Meet my stare Filthy philistine You can't feel shame So feel my fist The same game But with a twist