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Dark Night Under The Northern Sky (Immortal Souls)

At this frosty night under the starlit sky Northern light caress my eyes The white spruce forest swaying By the rhythm of the wind I stare with sweet melancholy Its snowy pride and green beauty Crust of snow reflect in blue Pale light of the moon Walking through this silent night Close to my heart the cross I bare Silhouettes of trees in silence Reminds me of greatness above Oh starlit sky Withdraw behind the cloudiness on Dark Night Under The Northern Sky Neon lights color the night sky I wish they all would die The gray forest stands polluted Filthy snow begins to melt I see violence on these crowded streets So full of hostility I confront eyes that contempt That've forgotten him Walking through this pagan land My cross gets heavier to bear But I've seen the revelation Through your eyes my beloved one Your starlit eyes Awoke me to see forgiveness on Dark Night Under The Northern Sky