Man Of Sorrow (Immortal Souls)

"Another lonely afternoon.. I just wait for tomorrow; With longing and sorrow.." I still see your eyes before mine; Thou our time's far behind. In you; No more life.. The cloak of night ends the day; Leaving me in the darkness. As these memories comes to seal my fate.. Your blue beautiful eyes; And starlit smile. Haunts me through sleepless nights.. I still keep hearing your last sigh; Your sincere forgiveness. And all I could do was to watch you die.. I am the man of sorrow; I invite you to my pain. My lonely eyes reflecting; Their appetite for revenge.. My thoughts keep drifting back; To when you were gone. I fell into this maelstrom.. "Revenge is mine": says the Lord; And if I could leave it to Him. I would be so much greater being.. I am the Man of Sorrow; I drown in this pain. Your tearful eyes lie open; As you wither in my arms.. Farewell - this is the end.. This pain - you were took away.. I am the man of sorrow; I drown in this longing. Your last sigh of forgiveness; More love in death; than I have alive..