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If I Talk to God (The Last Goodnight)

You're so fragile I know Some things we cannot control I am so selfish it shows I just can't let go Tell me three little lies Everything is alright It tears me all up inside R: If I talk to God I don't know if He's listening When I speak out loud I don't know if He's home I'm talking to myself 'Cause no one else is listening Stay another day And will it all go wrong? If I talk to God I hate the words that I said They lay so still in my head I hope I never regret If I just let go Goodbye to time well spent I've got nothing to defend And is this really the end? R: And you can feel me when you fall When your backs against the wall And you know this town we live up in Is the loneliest of all And you can feel me when you're down And when your world turns upside down I know this place we're living in Is the loneliest of all R: I will be the colors in the rain When you're lying up and wide awake Hold on, hold on, I will for you I will be the truth inside your lies When you close your eyes at night I will, I will, hold on, for you