Ain't Nobody Happenin (Ultra)

[Intro: Kool Keith] Yeah, it's the first quarter, goin into the second All labels, drop your acts Rappers I'm dead serious, stop what you doin Take it real personal, you know you're wak Look in the mirror, it'll tell you the truth Yo, I must confess You know who I am, bust this [Kool Keith] Stop your music, hold up, your temperature is wak I bought your gimmick album, erased the tape, took it back You was wrong for rhymin, that was a sin You should STOP, cause rap's now worse again You knew you was doo-doo, fakin that you was so brutal Your style was all canned, your stuff was all chicken noodle With no sale, you gave your promos out at retail Tryin to flim-flam and pay them kids off at SoundScan You bought me real stuff, BUFF - powderpuff All I saw was tons of group sissies actin rough Graffiti wars, a bunch of crowds, project halls Mess with drama, your garbage style's Wonderama I got skills, but butt crack is all Massengil Independent, while groupies front while you drive a rented Up at that atmosphere, headpiece like [?] You'll be trapped with empty pockets around Yankee Stadium I know your background, it's a puppet actin wild I know your issue, I'm in your ass Scotty Tissue Kool Keith is no joke, better will not make you hope Pray to my nuts flat butts talk like Mariah Carey I'm out there, you on my testicles this year I tell you straight, you all rah rah [Chorus x2: Kool Keith] Ain't nobody happenin (nobody happenin) Ain't nuttin good be happenin (nuttin be happenin) Just because you got a deal (clear the way) Don't mean you know how to rap [Tim Dog] Mad rappers try to test my lyrical anarchy Like Sparky from Detroit Tigers, I don't quit Aw shit, Bronx niggaz always come legit Once I lay my rap down, it's a hit Of course the track gotta be fat for Tim Dog to rap No more gettin with this, and no more gettin with that Cause I reign the terrain like weather, however Rappers try to Run-D.M.C. but I'm +Tougher Than Leather+ How dare you, think you can dismantle I'ma call you Campbell cause somebody got you souped Frontin wit'cha man when you know you ain't cute You and your man can catch a bad one quick I see mad motherfuckers get done for simple shit (word) So what's it gonna be, you or me? Life or death Like Whitney Hou' you be holdin your breath Cause I don't give a fuck where you been or where you at If you come wak then you betta watch your back Cause rap is sacred, so don't fake it And these fuckin devils out here tryin to take it [Chorus] [unknown emcee] Secret agent, seen a thing, heard a thing, launchin at latitude Aimin things, standing top, send it at longitude I-I-know-know-that-that-you-you-be affected Movin like a virus and niggaz they been infected Let the doctor give you a shot, moved up from sharpshooter Aimin for the bridge of yo' nose, BLAOW! Fallin down, fallin down I make complicated statements, with, unlimited phone calls Swingin that, bringin that, {?} West coast swinger rapper Ba-ba-ba leavin-in-the-evenings, daytime talkin decent Recently I'm part of the North, you beat me to the record usage of my lyrical form at the scene Lookin like a heterosexual, about to lose his manhood Brothers swear they hot when they sound like Orville Reddenbacher Pop pop pop pa-pop pa-pop Labels signin innocents, tryin to tell 'em that they better sense Ignore them babies, they cryin for attention Yo here's yo' pacifier, suck this brown dick 'til it turns WHITE [Chorus]