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Get Off The Dick (Ultra)

[Kool Keith] This for all you motherfuckers bitin my space shit Get off my dick, I was born on Jupiter [K] Yeah! Throwin the monkey-fuckin-wrench in the business [K] Yeah; all that trendy shit out there [T] That old fake shit [K] So regular [T] That common shit [K] Shit that stink [T] Word up [K] Do this! [T] Like you knew this, haha [T] This is how we do [K] Yeah [T] Every, every day all day, haha [Keith] All you rappers are wack on my balls, picture Kodak Niggaz be talkin like they hard, they fuckin asscrack [Tim] These wack MC's tryin to sound like Kool Keith I shoulda take a bat and knocked out they front teeth, POW! [Keith] From New York to Cali MC's keep poppin shit With messed up grammar, your weak style ain't stoppin shit [Tim] Rappers nowadays clog my dick like it's fog Ever since I came out, everybody want to be a Dog [Keith] You on my list, your project building just drowned in piss When I hit your city, your area, blow your rectum [Tim] I got that hardcore, rap score, elevated folklore Nonsense I ignore, Tim Dog is culture [Kool Keith] Take out your whole backpiece, blow your fuckin spectrum Wipe off your shirt, your style is baby doo-doo squirt I don't care, beware, smell smoke watch your back I'm up close like acne pimples in your ass crack Atomic workout, strategy for fuckin jerks Your album's butthole, overused with inserts Still light up shit point blank like fuckin fireworks Niggaz get busted cause half fights(?) for Greyhound Penalties are deadly for quality, how your shit sound? I'm not followin motherfuckers.. [Chorus: Tim Dog + Kool Keith] Niggaz on some Ultra shit, niggaz on some Ultra shit How many niggaz is on our dick? (Get off the dick!) Niggaz on some Ultra shit, niggaz on some Ultra shit Niggaz on some Ultra shit .. (Get off the dick!) Niggaz on some Ultra shit, niggaz on some Ultra shit How many niggaz is on our dick? (Get off the dick!) Niggaz on some Ultra shit, niggaz on some Ultra shit [Chorus last line #1] (Get off the dick!) Niggaz on some Ultra shit (For life) [Tim Dog] God damn it's a brand new year Comin back with the full packed mac, bustin off with the raw raps Rippin rappers out the frame, cause it's like that You want your mic back; bitch you're gonna have to fight back Raise up, raise up, if you're nice and niggaz fuckin with D-O-G, is like McNeely fuckin with Mike Tyson I'm slicin, dicin MC's, they call me ginsu Niggaz get me amped, watch me get mental Perplexed I project my lyrical context Bust nuts in rappers anus cause it's better than sex Hey yo I'm mad, and "I'm Bad", like Mr. Cool J I'm back with my man Kool Keith, hip-hop hoo-hooray Get down, for my crown, cause I'm a scholar Niggaz shit is so wack I wouldn't pay a fuckin dollar, holla (Hooooooo!) Fuck it [Chorus] [Chorus last line #2] Niggaz on some Ultra shit (Get off the dick!) [Kool Keith] Clench up tight, them champagne rhymes won't work tonight Just raw beat, you're buttnaked standin on the street Ass out cold, my target blows out your rectum hole Niggaz get flushed like wet Pampers down the commode German warfare, crazy style just like Hitler No soft samples, corny loops, fuck fiddler! Niggaz get carried away with basic shit, every day Useless mics, and vinyl time a bunch of wack skits Ex-lax reveal your steelo's got the shits Pack a bag, zip up your drama, fuckin catch the bus Niggaz already been through sad stories; fuck y'all Gus Yeah I don't give a fuck about the sunny Stet[?] drums Who's usin the Alfonso Moons, whatever I don't give a fuck Cal[?]DeJade I don't give a fuck, any snare, whatever Distinctive loop, fuck it all Motherfuckers can go search downtown and find all these records if you want; I don't give a fuck!