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Keep It Real (Ultra)

Yo, yo it's my man Tim Dog, what's up Tim? [Tim] Yo yo whattup playa, whattup whattup Yo whassup Kool Keith Yo I know y'all representin, keepin it real for the streets [Kool] Whassup, yeah you know it you know it Yeah, yo I know you're not gonna move out the projects right? [Tim] What? The fuck is wrong with your shorty man? [Tim] Niggaz tryin to get up out the fuckin projects [Tim] What's your fuckin problem? [Kool] Fuck you I got some fuckin kids to feed [Kool] Get the fuck outta my face alright? [Tim] Get the fuck outta here, kiss my ass motherfucker! [Intro: Kool Keith] Yo whassup? This is Kool Keith (yea) First of all I'd like to say, the industry is wak (wak) That's right, I said it, the industry is wak (wak) Everybody wak I'm tired of this, let's do this Yeah, check it out [Kool Keith] I'm hearin jokes, freestyled, they jam is wak but representin my scrotum I show dem punks how to do this Like Brutus I'm raw, sissies think they hardcore Ass-out-hole-cold, kid freeze your rectum Don't step to me with hip-hop, pop as Michael Jackson Your crew is no threat, your style just a small fraction So get up, lick the nuts, catch the hiccups Your two-man crew, add one, makin doo-doo You got your fans souped up, people drinkin urine I'm mysterious plus your girl begs for anal sex I got my tape butt-naked, pumpin Ricki Lake Dogstyle champ, you pause at B, watch your crack shake I got no time for toys and cheap steaks Sat [?] with Texas niggaz, my crew down to pull triggers Yo tell Ray to spin the record, take the sawed-off shotty I call direct to jail, speak to John Gotti Yo niggaz out here is jockin hard on his balls Yo my flow just drop like Niagara Falls [Chorus: Kool Keith] keep it real - represent what? My nut! Keep it real - represent what? My nut! Keep it real - represent what? My nut!