No Face (Ultra)

[Keith:] A demented man ! [Tim:] Yeah ! [Keith:] Pull your head out your fuckin body [Tim:] Yeah ! [Keith:] And all you muthapukkaz thinkin a be fuckin hard [Tim:] Yeah ! [Keith:] Rippin your fuckin insides out [Tim:] Yeah ! [Keith:] Spittin in your fuckin face ! [Tim:] Hey yo I catch mad break, and muthapukkaz always get respect coz I'm off for putting TECs to their neck You can walk around your block, at your pizza's, at your mom's, at your pop's When I lick shots even cops give me props coz I slay, yeah I slay all my victims Niggaz see me coming and they say "don't fuck with him" That nigga from New York, you know he gets bigger Uptown trouble maker, rap Bronx nigga Yeah ! What's my fuckin name ? Tim Diggety ! Niggaz see me comin and they all start running for the border Outta order, they're being slaughtered I'm deadly with the rhyme and the fuckin tape recorder coz I can kill at will MCs without a touch and you female rappers, with my words: you'll get fucked Stuck. Outta luck. Closed case Destroyed by the man with no face Listen [Chorus:] No face ! [Keith:] No fuckin face No face ! [Keith:] He gots no fuckin face No face ! [Keith:] The man with no fuckin face Yo let me take you on a journey about this punk nigga of the block sellin rocks to the cops How I knocked the mutha's poops out Frontin on my moms in the fuckin elevator "lend me five dollars and I'll pay you back later" Greater. My moms said no and held her purse Hit her in the head, now my moms need a nurse The worst thing you could do was touch my lady The one who gave me life, yo nigga, is you crazy ? I'm swayze, ran out the crib with my mac to TEC the fowl down, hell no, he's not a jack It's strictly homocide on my muthaphukkin (??????) You dis me, I kill you, it's all that simple Now as I turn the corner who the fuck did I see ? The same bitch nigga starin right at me He reached, I reached, I beat him to the punch Now he's in the gutter and he's fuckin pigeon lunch The cops came around but they had no case The witnesses said it was a man with no face [CHORUS:] No face ! [Keith:] No fuckin face No face ! [Keith:] The muthaphukka's got no face No face ! [Keith:] No fuckin face No face ! [Keith:] No face No face ! [Keith:] No fuckin goddamn face No face ! [Keith:] He got no fuckin face No face ! [Keith:] No damn face No face ! [Keith:] Yo, the legacy continues, all you fake muthaphukkaz bein pimped by yo labels. You jealous ass haters. Yeah y'all know Y'all been stealin our shit for years Fuck all o'y'all. Prepare for the Kool Keith solo album and the Tim Dog. Plus the pimpin REX shit And Kutmasta Kurt was on the production tips Lyrically y'all can't fuck with me I'm not tryin to battle and keep it real like you stupid ass muthaphukkaz do with'cha albums. I'd like to thank my fans, you know, the real Ultra fans who's down in America and Europe, everywhere And fuck the rest o'you phony ass muthapuckaz