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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Say You Do (Ultra)

I see ya. I want ya. Hey, I'm cruising, I'm just moving through. Doing the things I do. And it's kinda soothing to be here viewing you 'cos. Girl you look so good. And I'm just approving of how you're doing things. You do them like you do. Combat, it's a combat, and I bet that u never knew that. (How am I losing out?) I'm blown away so far away. You will always take me higher, higher. Do you hear what I've got to say? And it's at times like this. I know I love you now. Everytime I see you, I want you, I need you. I know you need me too. Say you do. Do you want somebody to please you, to squeeze you. To take your hand and to love and not leave you. Say you do yes you do. This world we're using and that we're moving through. We're doing it 2 x 2. I am only human and I'm pursuing you 'cos. You're making me feel so good. Are you disapproving of how I'm moving I'm just. Getting Through to you. Combat, it's a combat and I bet that you never knew that. (How am I losing out?)*