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Happy Where I Am (Trapper Chris)

Used to see this old stray dog almost everyday He’d do his deed right by my house and then be on his way One time I brought him some real food and asked him if he’d stay But he blankly stared at me as if to say “No, I’ve gotta go but if I could I’d shake your hand… I’m happy where I am It was a sweltering summer day, I mean a mean heat So I threw my dirty blanket on the city beach A guy I know invited me on his new yacht For steak tartar and cr?me brulee and top shelf scotch And there were babies crying, loud radios and castles made of sand I’m happy where I am He wore a dark blue jacket and polyester gray pants And a clip on tie with his hair greased back He was the security guard at the parking lot at the shopping mall But he never looked down and nothing could stick to him at all He’d see all them stressed out people faking schemes and breaking plans Thinking… “I’m happy where I am”