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Midnight Cabaret (Trapper Chris)

I took off my clothes, threw ‘em down to the floor and then I left behind my wallet and walked out my front door I was standing stark naked right there in the street With nothing covering my chest and nothing covering my feet Until the old lady screamed “somebody call the police… Lock him up, lock up the super freak” This ain’t no two bit town or midnight cabaret And then the jury looked down and said “son what have you got to say?” I’d rather look like a fool than go my whole damn life afraid Well, people leaving for work, they just sat still in their cars By the way everybody was acting you would have thought I was armed But I was just feeling back to nature, like I could finally be free ’Til the police car pulled up and said “son, come with me” I said “officer, I’m tired of being judged by my looks. People keep putting down the cover and never reading the book” You can’t bury a brand name with you in your grave and if you walk around naked, think of the cash you’ll save. You can pack up your suitcase in two seconds flat And you won’t have to worry ‘cause everybody will know if you’re fat May the wind always be with you at your back And may you never be afraid of anything you lack