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Starlight (Trapper Chris)

The biker gang’s asleep now at the midnight motel six And I’m walking to the doughnut shop to get my late night fix I’m halfway across the country feeling like I need to cry Jealous of your pillow, and the starlight by your side The guy who wipes the counter says he works the overnight Me, I’m a singer in a traveling band, always playing in the lights He said, “That must be such a thrill” but I don’t feel satisfied I say I miss my girl at home and the starlight by her side She’s the kind of girl who’ll feed the hunger in your soul And pick your broken pieces up and try and make you whole When she walks into a crowded room, you will know she has arrived ‘Cause her dress should be arrested and there’s starlight by her side But the road we take could turn down the desert of despair I’ve told her time and time again, but she insists she does not care ‘Cause lovers live through fire and war the truest ones survive Even on the darkest night, she got starlight by her side So a doughnut and a coffee for a dollar and fifty cents And therapy thrown in for free that’s the best my money’s spent And as I walked back to the Motel six, I seen a vision of my bride Dancing in the reception hall with starlight by her side