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Summertime Is Here (Trapper Chris)

The cops are taking a break down at the coffee shop ‘cause all was peace and quiet out on the city block Me and Marie are laughing and we cannot stop. Summertime is here The old man in the white pants is waxing his Cadillac While sulking little Sally wants her boyfriends back But the boys are laying their pennies flat on the railroad tracks Summertime is here And Mrs. Lee is sipping iced tea beneath the willow tree While the kid on the clarinet’s struggling with the melody The smell of a backyard barbeque sparks memories Summertime is here Hey, wait for me, wait for me by the sea Time hurries by and you can’t buy memories And as we’re walking we take a detour to the ice cream shop Where the coach of the little league goes and buys the whole team pops The air is dry, the ice cream’s cool, and the sun is hot Summertime is here Teenage lovers holding hands beneath the underpass He says “can I kiss you” she says “you don’t need to ask” In the blink of an eye you’ll try but there’s no turning back Summertime is here