Thuja Magus Imperium (Wolves in the Throne Room)

Redness in the east beyond the mountain The Wheel begins to turn anew Turning ever towards the Sun Garlands adorn a chariot, aflame Blood runs from the flank of a wounded stag Turning inwards, all beings bow low Unconcealed she flies Then hidden by snow Eyes pale voice of night Black clouds bring rain A white cloak and mantel Enshrouds all of the great monoliths Deities of frost crave an offering to storms Great Firs felled by the wind The eagle's aerie towering windswept Sky-lords towering above Night-born songs descend by moonlight A rain of jewels Calliope sings Each one a secret word inscribed in time Sacred bones crumble enshrined Entombed in roots and stones A dead sun burns in the hollow Earth Nameless rivers of dust This bright thread so pure Drawn through everything that is Enslaved by ancient bonds Beyond the mists and golden light Beyond the darkness transcending time