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Chasing A Ghost (The Morning Benders)

And when you left this town You had to change your name You had to change your face To hide away the pain And you'll run from part to part Until you come right back to the start You said we weren't safe And vanished without a trace It's hard to chase a bird When you don't have any wings And you'll fly straight into a dawn You'll come back once safely past your part You say you're alone but my arms are open wide You're looking for something That you won't ever find Now it's raining so hard I can't see my own tears You're giving me reason To put trust in my fears Now I'm chasing a ghost Cause there ain't no real thing There's only a carcass left Where our love used to stay I'm beginning to think That it's better that way And one day you'll return You're swoopin' as a dove And maybe then you'll ask What happened to our love?