… And This Is How I Met Tyler Durden (In The Eyes Of a Mistress)

All you ever do is lie And every day, it's all the same and Nothing ever seems to change The only thing I can thank you for is All the dome you gave me You worthless fucking bitch Everything you ever did was fake You weren't even that cute in the first place How could you think I wouldn't Catch on to your lies You think you're sly Come on, let's keep this professional Not let our feelings grab a hold Look at us, breaking all the rules We have everyone fooled Too bad the only fool is you If only we had done what we wanted to Throw you both out in the cold Leave your body for the wolves You're such a dirty girl Full of dirty little holes We'll leave your lifeless body For the wolves All you did was lie, all you did was lie All you are is a fucking liar And everyday it's all the same Nothing ever seems to change But now you're gone and we've moved on You sent this friendship up in flames