I'll Bet You Twenty Bucks I Can Get You Gambling Before The End Of The Day (In The Eyes Of a Mistress)

Would you shut your whorish mouth And every time you talk, I wish you'd fucking stop You would fucking stop No point wasting this night on useless conversation I don't know what's left to say I'm nothing more than a pig So I'll get quick to the point I never want to see your ugly heart again It's not worth shit in the end It's a simple idea that you can't understand We fuck first then I leave with my band Don't bother getting ideas that this will last You're just another girl that will stay in the past So if you want to fuck, no one will ever have to know This is the point in which I say something real negative Tell you all to kill each other, come on pussies Let's see what you got Let's see some blood on the floor What are you doing out there You're playing like a girl