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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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It’s Like Killing A Unicorn With, Like, A Bomb (In The Eyes Of a Mistress)

We're all here, let's drink until the beer is gone Come on let's have some fun Yeah, this party's number one I'm looking for a girl to... We'll drink beers and smoke until the cops come I'm looking for two girls Mйnage а trois what's on my mind Don't go thinking that you're special You're just like the rest This band will eat you all alive We got game like they've never seen And we will do whatever it takes To get exactly what we want Has anybody ever told you That you have really beautiful eyes That's right, December 31st 1999 Y2K could be any day So fuck it all, let's burn the whole world down tonight It's Friday night and I'm all like Welcome to the party, it's time to have some fun So grab a couple drinks Come inside and try to fuck someone The girls are all single and the guys are all hung It's the making of a orgy, all that's left to do is come I'm done If this is all I'm living for, I hope I live forever This would be heaven for Hugh Hefner but better Better, better, oh! So won't you come inside It's been an awfully exhausting week I think I'll have a few drinks To take the edge off the night And get me feeling just right Welcome to the party, we're here to have some fun Come inside, we'll show you how it's done Excitement is high, the girls are all down