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Jacuzzi Casanova (In The Eyes Of a Mistress)

Come on, come on, let's go, get up, get out the door This is the one night of the week you have to get out on the floor And show me what the fuck you got, yeah show me what the fuck you got If you've got something to prove, then here's your fucking shot Let's see you move from side to side Let's see your knuckles turning white Turning white, dance with us tonight Come on, this is a celebration A champagne jam, a rise to the occasion That we don't give a fuck that you think about us You live your life loving your dreams We live our dreams, loving our lives So if you wanna live like we do Meet us a t the party and we'll fucking teach you We're going to the after party The only way to end the night So meet us at the after party And help us fucking do it right Let's go, grab a thirty rack and follow me A stack of red cups and a couple balls so we can play b.p. You're goin down, you're goin down We're the baddest mothers 'round, on this side of town tonight Oh shit, nice shot I can't believe that went in We're gonna win, we're gonna win, and now you're through If you have a problem with me That's my friends, my band, my family Oh man, here we go again, a bounce shot for the win We've been dominating this table all night Tomorrow let's do it again If you want a rematch, you know where we'll be Next time, think again before you try to beat me