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Skin The Mofo (Marmaduke Duke)

Skin the motherfucker alive. I got the call last Sunday sayin' "son when are you gonna come home" Well maybe I'll be back one day and maybe one day I won't feel so alone I'm sayin' I know all I need to know I'm no stranger to the truth I've lost some time and I've lost some hope on the highway that was you. Tie up the winners of the world tonight and skin the motherfuckers alive, It's the only hope looming over you is to skin the motherfuckers alive. They're all out early Monday me, I can't even get out of bed, Now more not less I must confess there's a devil in my head. F sharp, G, F sharp I've somehow lost the rebel and for now well I'm just killin' time, But soon I'll return and bridges will burn for you my sweet Valentine, Tie up the winners of the world.