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A Lover's Charm (Deas Vail)

They sit still and wait to dance While evening hours end Because they're existing for the chance That you'll ask them out again. Don't believe in what they say, Because you can't do this on your own. In the night they break away, And you're left captured all alone. (Captured all alone) Raise the price upon your life And the heartache that it brings. Watch these feathers fall from our skies As the angels lose their wings. Though the seasons always change, I am written on these stones. Don't forget the burdens you gave Every wrong to me alone. (Wrong to me alone) Don't walk away from me, (from me) It's the tragedy of night. You can't see this on your own, So take my hand and we'll get by. Oh we will celebrate our song. Now the last escaping stars Wisp away as day begins. I took trouble off your heart, oh but you brought it back again. (brought it back again) Don't walk away from me. (from me) Don't cry, love, oh don't cry. You know I won't let you go. Cause I gave everything tonight So that you could come back home With a smile upon your face And the morning in your arms. I changed everything in this place Because you're worth a lover's charm