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City Headache (Matthews Scott)

City headache subside your deary talk Send a doctor to my house Got me a fever coming 'round the bend And a bus load of danger Straight talking, you're sending me to bed 'Cause I ain't walking in my state A temperature that will not go away So let it willow in my head, my head Prescribed pills, just soil 'em down the sink 'Cause in the hills is my cure No city headache to knock on my front door No faces burn me Your output love resign it to my ears The blinking signals from your mouth Some cleansing water to wash away the grind The city laughter on my face, my face It's not for me, a speed in which you walk Would burn the soul and my feet And just in and choking from the fall Until you're smoking freak shows That's how it goes so you just find the road And pack your bags, no