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Head First Into Paradise (Matthews Scott)

Heaven pinned a medal on your chest for bravery In the face of the fight As you bathe another wound from the battle you lose Your faith takes a nosedive There’s so much that we don’t talk about If only I could hear those words that avoid your mouth I could speak up for you Now I watch as you tread away Your head’s afloat for another day Do you ever feel you’re running blind? Heading into nowhere and sailing without wind As the doubts remain Cause you’re sick and tired of worrying about tomorrow When today’s not even started and it’s a blink of a day you glimpse If you were given the key Would you leave me a note at first light? As you go head first into paradise Stringing up your shoes with the bad luck blues Your feet don’t know which way to turn Untouched by wind or sun you’re exposing A core that’s starting to burn There’s so much that I never see If only I could borrow your eyes and take a peek I could keep watch for you Now I watch as you grip the reins And take control of a blinded horse led astray Do you ever feel your heart’s been denied Of happy ever endings amidst a fading light? I think it’s time for change Cause I want you to wake not worrying about tomorrow I know I want to be just like you except without the losing streak So when you’re given the key Will you leave me a note at first light? As you go head first into paradise