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Obsession Never Sleeps (Matthews Scott)

Driving anywhere, Just anywhere to get there, Asleep at the wheel with one eye wide awake. The moon's well into its dream, As I ride inside of your blood stream, Anywhere at anytime it thrives on filling my empty side. Unable to rest, Unwilling to stay behind, Insisting you take it everywhere, Like a cancerous cry. I adore you, It's you that I idolize, I'll live and die for you, As we strive for the morning's high. Obsession never sleeps, You wake with it caressing your cheek. Just how can you ignore the one thing you would die for? You're my enemy, my savior, My ever-ruling dictator, That summons my thoughts towards my infatuation. But a fatal fate awaits the greedy hand, Who's bullied alone night and day, By their own demands. I adore you, It's you that I idolize. I'll live and die for you, And kill for the evening's high, But it will never be the happiness you once had.