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Walking Home In The Rain (Matthews Scott)

Walking home in the rain, These sullen city lights ingrained In my rooted heart that always jump-starts; It's barely beating. She pierced like the rising sun As my dead-end feelings became overrun Like a wild flame's undying blaze arousing my brain, I remembered. This could be the night that shines a flashlight into my grave. She works her way inside, as the search for life ups the game. As the explosion of emotion blows the notion that I'm dead inside, I retaliate against the life that hid the key and locked me up inside. Pining eyes greet the daylight scared, I dreamt of nothing as my hunger for you wept. Don't starve the morning of last night's memory, 'Cause the greed overwhelms for her. Can I be your endless thought somehow? 'Cause I've traded all of mine for yours now. This is our beginning from an ending paralysed, That's growing under sullen city lights. You have me solely. I'll suffocate this city just so we can breathe in all the life. In the explosion of emotion I'm the drug to take away your pain. But I never want to be the overdose that becomes way too much to take. I'll love you 'til the end And beyond...