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Da End (Gangsta Blac)

(Gangsta Blac) Peepin' down and in the cut Comin' in with gangsta what? To back it up this time I be 'cause S.P.V. just ain't enough Tuck it 'fore it's took away Panic with no words to say Silent then come violent, wildin', pokin' product round my way Known for burnin' up the road Peelin' til' I'm ridin' rims In the cut like seat belts you can't find so don't fuck with him Deep down in the dirty heard me? Get me some and get me out Ballin', fallin', callin', haulin' ass all through the North and South Pack you up to sit you down Quick enough to swipe a smile Drano, cane-o, mastermind be truckin', gangstas speakin' now Bumpin' just to pump it up Really just to strut my stuff Meditate to elevate my propaganda just enough Wastin' with the ones who can't Grew up seein' words they say Put me with a pack of maniacs I might just choose to stay In the cut forever be Darker than it was before This the shit that keep it twice as lit in and out that hoe Nigga!!! (Playa Fly) Might as well tear it away and remember it like the Alamo Mob with all your heart if you a part of this and mob some more Take it from the floor, to the door, represent it straight Strictly to the fullest 'cause I rule this dirty ground of play When nobody need it, no cases will get pleaded No faces will get greeted, no wounds will get treated More izzeye (eye) than shizzink (???) More ???? than lizzean (lean) Your brain just went blizank (blank) and you bet not blizzink (blink) I thizink (think) go ??? I fight like a ???? Fly sky on that powder And ain't had a wizzink (wink) And Fly run the rizzink (rink), but D.K. went ??? No more means no more and this boat has been ??? If you some contact, Fizzo come and attack With Fly my first family, while Fly aim for gizat (gat) Look here Jack, no name callin' games Or no cool chains I run with Minnie Mae And them M's in your fizace, your fizace, your fizace (face)