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Gettin' Real Buck (Gangsta Blac)

Nigga's in the club gettin' real buck Nigga's in the club gettin' real buck Now my nigga's in the club gettin' real buck Now my nigga's in the club gettin' real buck It's kind of hard to keep a fuckin' mil If yo name ain't Holyfield Kick back in the MC resident Countin' dollar bills, Make me kick in a liquor store Stop in get a Tangaray Peel a chin in the wind, Ballin' hittin' the free way Ain't no slippin' in the street 5-O's on my ass gee, Three car deep after me Ballin' down through SPV Gangsta man still the same Clear me as you see me pass Holler when I holler, time to dip up in another past Rip it up, open it up can I get a Newport? Pass me one, thank you sir Got your whole ankle short Ya-Da-Yo givin' shouts Steve in Bone taught me that Straight from the Bounds, lay it down If they cool with Gangsta Blac All my nigga's gettin' buck Bet this on my D-Zick Throw the mic, 'cause I'm so hype and Hoe this just beginning Bury shit, fuckin' hoes, ain't that the way it's suppose to go Fuck 'em slow, let 'em know Time to hit the dirt hoe Wusup to all them people's rumors, That's been said bout folks from Ana Creepin' through the back with a fuckin' gage Ready to ram and jam ya All these fuckin' slugs up in yo ass If I up and find ya Mouth, full of lit fire crackers Star spangled banner Reassess Pieces on yo body Hittin' them bitches watch 'em drool Jack be nimble be quick but, Jack he ain't no damn fool Hoe you must be high down fall For the nigga De-De gone with yo bad self Hoe you need to fuckin' quick, Ain't no drunk lookin' good Ain't no killer I wish I would I buck down all you lemon Put them jackets on my neighborhood Cock my nine, feelin' fine Incase the run they mouth Wusup bitch is you mad, cause we from the South To you motor mouth suckers, come in get some of this Noisy ness, wig split stay up out my business Ride 'em up Escalade, down to the mighty sky To ya hoe, see ya hoe in Hell cause it's time to die Ain't no fuckin' simple man Take no bullet for no nigga Trick you must can't understand Hoe how the fuck you figure Not with all that reppin' shit Not with all that Football shit All about roastin' a bitch All about makin' it rich Hood Rat mean's a group of hoes Slurpin' on yo nut sac's Sac's of weed is what I need To keep my brain on this track Chu-Chu watch me choke as I blow out a cloud of smoke Hypnotize civilize, got dope hold it though Time to find my nigga, let me ride in yo Pontiac Funk it up, or ride in the white Chevy with the bumpin' back Fuck you bitches, this for girls and plenty niggas Fuck killer realer we grip hands on the trigger Yo nine grip my dick, nigga I don't give a shit Paul in lil' man got my back, two nigga's you can't deal with Bustin' through the crowd like a crash Dead in yo gut, now my nigga's deep Gettin' real buck [Chorus]