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Tire Shop (Gangsta Blac)

Just another day up in the tire shop Chiefin' hay, fucked up, chiefin' hay, Chiefin', chiefin', chiefin' hay, fucked up (4x) Just another day awaken shakin' off that marijuana Chokin' in the cut wid smoke in my gut I'm feelin' high I wanna buy, Want a bag I know Lil Nam he got his beeper G Meetin' up wid them damn fools on Orleans we smoke it easily Fab went to the store and get some papers nah a Swisher Sweet Sweetly stretch the dope up on the blunts and pass the shit to me Lick it break it twist it hit it light it that's that bombin' hay Inhale exhale Draky, Nardo, Sed and Dale is on the way Checkin' on my traps because you bustas gots ta check it in Scrap, wid the scar, it's my nigga Mr.I-B-N Yes, it's a must, that we let you know we sell, rocks Fuckin' wid these killaz from South Parkway we the Hypnotize Claimin' motherfuckaz plenty bustas I know wish they could, Lick me down, throw the sign, see it and it's all good Test my nuts, do me wrong, that's one slug in your gut Just another day up at the tire shop chiefin' hay, fucked up Hook (4x) Just another afternoon and me I'm chiefin' hay Talk shit and you might be another victim of the hit, Made by the fools in SPV, forty-five glock unloads, From ya head to ya toe, then come lil man I'm loadin' that ni-zine from the darkness of the flo', Son, never tryna but gangsta B, rhymin' over these beats I make Triple 6, Mafia niggas rollin' gotta shake and break The motherfuckin' laws take care of our business And pick up some freaks, get 'em high and get out dick suck, Down on Victor Street, turn the other cheek, Break neat, down the fuckin' street I gotta get the fuck outta Dodge before they beat me for my meat Hooks a left on Parkway fire up a bli-zine that farness Some bitches beeped me three or four I left 'em wid they pussies wet Had some pistols and that dope across the street, in the grass The five-Os ridin' deep because ah some shit that happens in the past, Cruisin' in my cut dog for my Chevy niggas wid anna in my trunk I'm smokin' skunk my niggas boomin' cause that Tire Shop track thumps Yeah this DJ Paul in this motherfucka Wid my nigga Gangsta B and the Three 6 Mafia muhfucka Hook(2x) Just awaken shaken off that hangover from night before Me and Little Man tried to kill ourself wid tony and in-do Up all night we strictly swangin' hummers on the fuckin' track Tricks you got it lonely if it ain't Man and fuckin' Gangsta Blac All for one, one for all, hoe you shoulda fuckin' knew it Just them same old hustlas to the game cause we grew up to it Countin' up our dividends, time to get out chiefin' in Time to holla at them twins, time to go get I-B-N Rollin' up the papers catch the vapors when I see a blunt High as hell, can't you tell, now it's tony that I want Beepin' up my nigga Flick and Cheese bring them bi pornos Me and Lil Man got them cheese scopin' out the dirty hoes Drop top to the fuckin' bone, when we go and get a bitch Eyes red as motherfuckin' fire from that hay and shit Test my nuts, do me wrong, that's two slugs in your guts Just another day up at the tire shop and I'm chiefin' hay, So damn FUCKED UP!! Hook