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Alright (King Emily)

And it's okay, and it's alright 'Cause I'm a keep movin' with my life The time has come and I must grow (Gotta keep movin' on) I've been goin' through lots of changes But no matter how long the days get I'm gonna be good 'cause inside I know (It's gonna be alright) Woke up this mornin' with these problems on my mind And head is achin', I'm so tired of cryin' See, my man broke up with me last night Lately it seems like nothing's going right Then suddenly, I hear a voice say Em, get up, you can't be late for work today Ya see, I'm tryna make my own way But sometimes I think I might be going crazy So I get ready and I head off to the studio I'm in the cab and I get a message on my phone It's the label sayin' they need one more song Better make it today or your dream is gone So I, take a minute try to catch my breath When I go to pay the fare, got no money left Tell me when will all this struggle end? I just wanna smile again But through all the hurt and pain I know it's gonna bring me a brighter day And no matter what might come my way I know I'll be okay