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Walk In My Shoes (King Emily)

[intro] Ooooooh [verse 1] I just wanna live my life cos i wanna, and i need to so dont be tryna steal my light cos you dont know me, dont pretend to Ive been busy on my grind, just like you, ive been trying Ive even shed a tear or two, i swear to you, i aint lying [Chorus] sometimes i feel the world is after me, tryna, get to me, tryna, stop what i do Cos im the only one that looks out for me, can be me and walk in my shoes Everday theres somethin thats new to me, i just, gotta breathe, i dont, know about you But im the only one that looks out for me, can be me, and... walk in my shoes. It aint easy being Emily [verse 2] but i dont wanna change my name, cos i aint got to, and i dont need to So ima do what i do, cos i aint gotta live for you but ima keep up with mine, keep on striving and surviving no [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 3] See everybodys got their own problems that their going through I take it day by day, its only thing that i can do so I live for me as you live for you But you cant be me unless you walk in my shoes [Repeat Chorus x 2] walk walk, walk walk, walk walk - walk in my shoes [x 2] You gon do you, and ima do me [fade]